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With "Auto Save ChatGPT" you don't have to manually save each conversation.

"Auto Save ChatGPT" periodically saves thread conversations to chrome local storage.

It also saves the conversation after every other action.

In addition, you can use functions such as large editing text area, use of templates, keyword search of conversations saved in chrome local storage, file download, all file download, copy to clipboard.

With these, your conversation with ChatGPT will be very smooth.

About Chrome local storage

Chrome local storage is a storage option that prioritizes personal privacy and security.

It ensures that information stored is not accessible to other extensions or third-party entities, ensuring the safety of the user's data.

This makes it a secure storage solution that protects sensitive information and keeps it confidential.

Chrome local storage is stored locally on the device being used. This means that the data saved in local storage is only accessible from the specific browser and device that it was saved on. The information is stored in a database within the user's browser and can only be accessed by web applications that are loaded in the same browser as the local storage. This allows for the data to be easily accessible for the user, while also keeping it secure and private.


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How to Use

The operation panel will be displayed automatically on the ChatGPT page.

Click each link to use that function. "Edit": Opens a text area for chat input. The "Paste" button in it pastes the manuscript into the input area of ChatGPT. Then press enter key. So it will be posted.

"Template": Templates can be used. Existing templates can be copied to the clipboard with the "Copy" button. You can also register new templates.

"Search": You can search your conversation records saved in Chrome local storage by keyword.

"1File": You can download the conversation of the page you are currently viewing as a text file.

"All Files": You can download all your conversation records saved in chrome local storage as a zip file.

“Clear”: Records of your conversations in chrome local storage will be deleted. Template records are not deleted.

Details & Tips

Auto save once per minute. ChatGPT automatically saves a series of conversation logs on the currently displayed chat screen. The destination is the chrome local storage of the user's computer. So there are no security issues.

It also saves a log of conversations after every few actions.

In other words, just by using it normally, the recording of the conversation is automatically saved.

OK without doing anything

You can now type by voice.

Speak slowly and clearly. Press the stop button after each sentence to insert a line feed.

Easy to write long sentences. No more accidentally pressing return to post.

What's more, the text after posting is also saved in the clipboard, so it's okay if ChatGPT doesn't work well and the post disappears.

The fastest way to post is to press the shortcut "ctrt+i" after writing, then press return.

There is a "Template" button at the bottom of the edit screen opened by "Edit". You can register frequently used phrases and sentence patterns.

If you press the "Copy" button, it will be put in the clipboard, so please use it with "Paste".

You can search chat records stored in chrome local storage by keyword. After searching, a list of hit threads will be displayed.

You can copy records from the list.

Also, there is a link to the original thread, so you can return to the original thread.

You can perform an "AND search" by inserting a space between words.

If you want to display a list of all threads saved in chrome local storage, please press the "Search" button without entering a keyword.

You can download one thread by pressing the "1 File" button.

All threads saved in chrome local storage can be downloaded by pressing the "All Files" button. You can get it as a ZIP file.

When you download "1 File", the contents are copied to the clipboard at the same time.

Delete recordings of conversations with ChatGPT stored in chrome local storage.

The storage capacity of local storage is about 5MB.

A rough estimate is that 5 MB is about 10,000 to 20,000 pages of text, depending on the font size and formatting of your document. However, this is an approximation and the actual number of pages may vary.

To record a chat conversation, it roughly translates to about 10,000 threads. That means you have enough storage.

If the chrome local storage usage reaches 4.5MB, an alert will be displayed.

It's hard to scroll down and you can't immediately see the end of the conversation, which can waste your time. This "Down" button allows you to easily move to the end of the dialog.

Not only that, pressing this button will record the currently displayed conversation to your local storage.

If you display the thread you want to save in local storage and press this "Down" button, the record will be saved in local storage more and more.

This extension has "copy" in various places and saves the targeted text to the clipboard.

  • The content of the template is saved in the clipboard. If you paste and use it when creating a post document, the chat speed will increase.

  • Put part of your conversation with ChatGPT into your clipboard. There is no need to select the range with the mouse one by one.

  • All posted text will be saved in the clipboard.

Feel free to use the clipboard.



This page guides you in the direction of improvements and updates. We do not provide individual support.

Please use at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss of data or mistakes in posting, so please be aware of them before using.

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