How I use “Autosave ChatGPT”


How I use “Autosave ChatGPT”

This is Noboru, the creator of the extension.
ChatGPT is very interesting.

I made this extension because there were quite a lot of input errors in the one-line text input area.

Here’s how I use it.
Hope this helps you.

First of all, “writing” is first and foremost.

For simple text, one line of input area per page is sufficient.

But if you want to hear it after putting it together nicely, use “EDIT” to write in a large text area.

When you’re done writing, press the shortcut “CTLR + I” instead of the “PASTE” button, then press Enter.

In some cases, ChatGPT may not accept submissions or may become overloaded and stop accepting submissions.

Even in such a case, if you use this “PASTE”, the written text will be put in the clipboard.

So no need to rewrite.

If you paste it, the manuscript you just wrote will be entered immediately.

About saving

This extension automatically saves chat threads while in use.

However, I’m worried about myself, so I try to do it manually, such as by pressing the “down” button. This method also saves the content of the conversation.

Anyway, if you save it, you can read the entire conversation later.

The “auto-save” message may be a little annoying, but it’s a sign that the conversation is being saved, so I think it’s okay.
I think that it is all right.


The “Search” button is by far the most convenient when you want to see the content of the previous conversation again or when you want to check the drafts prepared by ChatGPT.
The “Search” button is certainly useful.

You can perform an AND search with “keyword1 keyword 2”.


If you have a lot of conversation threads, select “All Files” to download.

Unzip the file and place it in the appropriate folder.

Then search with GREP software.

The text file you downloaded should contain the titles of the conversations, but you didn’t actually read the titles.
I haven’t read the title much, but I use GREP to search to find what I’m looking for.

I’m not very good at English.

I also use the translation extension at the same time.

ChatGPT’s conversation speed seems to be the fastest in English. .

So I always try to speak in English, but sometimes I don’t understand something.

In such a case, ask the translation extension for help.

What to use ChatGPT for

I often use ChatGPT for programming support.

Sometimes it goes very smoothly, sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

It’s really useful when you need to fix a mistake in your program.

The speed of programming has been increased.

I have a lot of programs I want to make.

We hope you enjoy ChatGPT.

I hope you find this extension helpful.